Monday, April 12, 2010

Ok here it goes

Taken Tara example and bloging. Nothing new, Looking for work and trying to get our apartment. Community action is taking their sweet time.

Get Oni every other weekend for whole weekend. I LOVE IT!!! She will be 4 next week, I feel old with how old the kids are. Josh turn 9 in March, Oni will be 4 next week and Hunter turned 2 last month, where has the time gone??

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am still alive

Sorry havent posted inawhile. Havent had internet. I moved to Tigard with Joey. Life is still the same tho. Different place same stuff gotta deal with. Wedding is now July 9th of 2010!! Thats all for now will write more when can sit for longer!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July and after

So the forth we went to and watched fireworks. Nothing big since we were leaving next day for camping

Then on the 5th we headed up for a week of relaxation!!! We went to tillamook forest in middle of now where and camped!!! Took 5 hrs to get there cuz off trailer problems. It was crazy.

Monday- Was set camp rest off way up. Nothing big happened beside Kevin throwing a energy drink bottle into fire w the lid on it and BIG POP. Got everyone out of their seats. No one was seriuosly hurt. Sparky got some on him but main his pillow and Krista got few on her ear and burned it.

Tuesday_ We went to Galibaldie to go crabbing. Got 2. :( Becky broiled them up for anyone who wanted them w dinner. James had the girls rinse out he bucket we had the bait in dow n at the creek.
Later that night found out there was still fish stuff in bucket and drew in a Bobcat into camp. Freaky. The 3 guys headed to creek and yelled back to me to get the girls and dogs into the truck. Courtney grapped Oni and ran. I got Annie by hand and called dogs. One shot from gun and it scaried it away. Poor Annie was so scared.

Wednesday- Went to old town New Port craping again. By end of day had 22 all together! Joey, Oni and I went off and explored the shopps, I didnt buy anything was a good girl! Did not get back to camp til almost midnight.

Thursday- Joey and I decided to try and bathe in creek. Went walking down it Didnt see a deep spot so went other way. I stopped to get a rock out of my flip flop and he made a comment bout good was going to say lets stop.. Thought he had to pee so sat down. He said something and so I looked at him. HE pulled this out of his pocket!!!
He asked me to marry him!!! OF course I said YES!
We went swimming later that day, I was brave enough to get in the water it was freezing when went to bathe. I not that crazy, shhh dont tell me that. Annie went home today :( she had so much fun!

Friday- Swimming and fishing day. Went in for little bit then sun tanned even tho cant tell was in the sun for 4 hours :(
Oni loves camping

Saturday- Headed back to town. Van wouldnt start for us. Took 45 min to get home from there. Notice the time frame from way camping and way home? Big difference you say?

After we unloaded we went and had few drinks w Sela and Alex. Planned few thing for wedding on way there and back set the date for 7/09/2011. 2 years after he proposed!! Clover and cornflower are our colors. Out door wedding.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feels like Friday comes an goes n no time

I have missed confessions for like to 2 weeks and I admit not keep blog up to date so here we go.

I quit from client she wasnt working me and if you have a job kinds need to work to get paid right. Health is totally better ok minus the spider bite that was really infected. wont discribe it but went in to have it looked at last Wed and they ended up having to opne it and the stupid idiot of a doctor started cutting befor it was numb. It all healed and closed now!! Yay. Wish it was on Sat, I so wanted to get in pool w Oni and Taylor.

Both the rugrats playing on pool.

Oni getting out to go another round of belly flops ontp small pool.

Getting up from from belly flop, so funny. LOL

Planing for new addition to family Nov 7. Find out what Tiff is having in few weeks I so excited. I am getting more time w Noe since I am main sitter now!! Yay!!

Here is Noe in all her cuteness.

Other then that looking for job and keeping busy. Still really happy with Joey. He is a wonderful guy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday morning confession

Sorry was so pooped out last night that didnt do them so here we go.

* Love being a birthmom first a for most. Made a couple so very happy. This is second birhtmom and mothers days since the placement and dont reagret one single day of it. Hunter is where he was meant to be. Dispeist what some ppl say, they dont count.

* In the same Area I love being a mom. 8 mothers day veing a mom to a very adorable little guy and 3 with the cutest daughter ever. I am not prejudice , they just are!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother Day

So I wasjust playing around and found this really sweet adoption mother day poem and had to share it:

My Birth Mom
© Emily E. Adkisson
Loving and gracious the Women I've never met. She made a difficult decision and She will debate that decision for the Rest of her life. It was something she knew she had to do She did it with A Mothers Love. She thinks about me everyday Every birthday, Every Mothers Day Hurt will always be there. I would not be the person I am today without A Mothers Love. I can never thank her enough For all the pain She must go through To give me a wonderful life She had to show the biggest amount of A Mothers Love.

Friday, May 1, 2009

friday night confession

Yay its friday again. Lets see what i can some up with:

* I hate living in the middle of no where now, was nice while was recoverying but now I like to be out and about it sucks really bad
* I think said this last week, but this totally throws my week off not seeing Josh and now they want me to wait a year. Stupid stupid people.
* I cant wait to see Hunter, he has gotten so big I cant believe that was my little man.
* For first time in years I want to go back home to see family which is a huge thing for me. Hated my family there and the step family.
* really want to go to Rick and play a gmae of basketball again. He is the only person that gives me a chalenge.

OK cant think of anymore for this week!!